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Difference between furniture and hotel furniture
Mar 14, 2017

More furniture than furniture damaged, guests different levels, on furniture care concepts are not consistent, so material requires a great deal of difference:

1, the hotel furniture suitable for use with high hardness, wear resistance, good scratch resistance and decorative furniture, room coffee table, writing desk, guests tend to smoke here, accidentally burnt the furniture surface, designed to consider Mesa's fire performance, available fire-proof performance of decorative material or glass and furniture generally do not need to consider. Armchair fabric flame retardant to be considered, and household furniture also does not need to be considered.

2, hotel furniture, waterproof performance is good and most Hotel bathrooms and rooms together, wet towels, sauna, seasonal variations and other factors will cause deformation of furniture, edging off, mildew, and affect the appearance of furniture, destroyed the hotel's image, a direct impact on hotel occupancy rates and relatively low household furniture.

Difference between furniture and hotel furniture maintenance

Hotel furniture and maintenance a lot bigger than the civilian, as hotel furniture with integrated bathing area is so easy to wet, and household furniture, on the other, is one's own furniture, family members will cherish.

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