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Hotel furniture
Mar 14, 2017

Hotel furniture, hotel project, support the hotel project design and interior design, directly with the Interior and the harmony of the environment are required. In addition, different standard according to the star, style varies. Hotel furniture generally includes the hotel rooms of furniture, hotel furniture, restaurant furniture, hotel fixedly arranged furniture, furniture for public spaces, Conference furniture.

With constant innovation and development of the furniture market, and its sub-sectors hotel furniture has entered the era of brand competition.

2012-the hotel supplies output reach 1.6 trillion, accounting for 40% per cent of national output, ranks first in China.

Department data show that Chinese furniture market from 1990 's 10 billion market size, development by 2010 of 780 billion size of the market. In 20 years of development in the process of furniture market has become the fifth-largest domestic industry, its market size household electrical appliance industry has been exceeded, the annual average growth rate in 20%-30%. And hotels furniture as a prominent team, also in the rapid response to market demand.

2013, 18 big report proposed has construction "beautiful China" of concept, it showed that energy-saving emissions and development green economic will is construction "beautiful China" of necessary guarantees, new a round Government guide of mass investment construction, especially town of based facilities construction speed up, and Government Office environment continues to improved, and livelihood engineering weak school transformation, and guarantees room furniture procurement project concentrated release, and hotel furniture became government procurement field new subdivision market, new of development opportunities.

It is understood that the steady development of towns nationwide, consumption demand and constantly pulling, furniture and hotel supplies industry's market share has expanded. Data shows that market demand will reach 4 trillion by 2020.

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