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Hotel furniture maintenance errors
Mar 14, 2017

Do not wipe with a rough, old clothes furniture

Best with a towel, cotton cloth, cotton or flannel cloth, absorbent cloth to wipe the furniture. Denim, cable head cloth or stitching, buttons can cause surface scratching of furniture such as old clothes, you should avoid using.

Do not use a dry cloth to wipe dust furniture surfaces

Dust is made up of fibers, and silica sand, a lot of people used to wipe clean with a dry cloth to clean the surface of furniture. These fine particles on friction rub, has damage furniture finish. Although these little scratches, even the naked eye cannot see, but as time passes, would lead to furniture surfaces dark and rough, light no longer.

Do not use SOAP, detergent, or water to clean furniture

SOAP, detergent and other cleaning product not only cannot effectively remove the accumulated dust on the furniture surface, silica sand particles cannot be removed before Polish, but also because they are corrosive and can damage furniture surfaces, furniture paint becomes bleak.

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