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Hotel furniture selection
Mar 14, 2017

Hotel furniture, custom choice of material is good-melamine panels

Full name of melamine impregnated paper decorative Panel. It is with a different color or texture of soaked paper in melamine resin Binder, and then dried to a certain degree of cure, to be paved in Particleboard, MDF or hardboard surface, by hot pressing of decorative panels. At present, plate hotels on the market used in the custom furniture base material is this kind of panels, base material is divided into three hydrogen ammonia particleboard with melamine MDF hydrogen ammonia. Melamine plate design more and more personalized, is hotel furniture custom you can select] material, but on Panel environmental protection requirements are very strict, must reach the European E1 level standard.

What material is good-hotel furniture selection custom splint

Also known as plywood, commonly known as thin plate. Rotary cut veneer logs or wood plane cut into thin wood, adhesives for gluing of three-layer or three-layer sheet. Usually odd-numbered layer veneer, and fibers arranged perpendicular to the direction of the adjacent layer of veneer glued together. Plywood thickness of 6 kinds of different specifications.

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