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Hotel nightstand-How to choose the size of hotel nightstand the height of hotel nightstand
Aug 13, 2018

Hotel nightstand-How to choose the size of hotel nightstand the height of hotel nightstand

The features of hotel nightstand

The hotel  nightstand is one part of the hotel projects. The design of  the hotel project is designed in accordance with the indoor environment.  It is necessary to directly consider the harmony between the indoor  function and the environment. According to the star rating standards, the style requirements are different and the difference in bedside table is different. In  terms of styling, the appearance requirements of the hotel bedside  table are flat surface, fine workmanship, delicate decoration, clear and  beautiful texture, so that the elegance and common taste are shared,  and the hotel style is matched.

The  functional requirements of the hotel bedside table are basically similar  to those of the home bedside table. The following features are  available in the selection of materials:

  1. The hotel  nightstand is suitable for materials with high hardness, wear  resistance and scratch resistance. Guests often smoke here and  accidentally burn the surface of the bedside table. The design should  consider the fire performance of the table top and use fireproof  performance, finishing material or glass.

  2. the  waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the nightstand should be good, the hotel's bathroom is mostly with the guest room, affected by  wet towels, steam, seasonal changes, etc., which easily cause  deformation of the bedside table, edge-cut off, mildew, etc., affecting  the appearance of the furniture and damaging the image of the hotel. This directly affects the occupancy rate of the hotel.

  3. Compared with the  home used nightstand table, the hotel's nightstand has better dryness  of wood. The hotel usually has air conditioning for 24 hours. The air is  relatively dry. The bedside cabinet with high water content is easy to  crack and severely breaks. Therefore, the moisture content of the wood  should not exceed 10. degree

The height of nightstand table:

The height of  the bed is 40 cm, and the bedside table is about 5 to 15 cm higher than  the height of the bed, which means that the overall height of the  bedside table is about 40 to 45 cm. According to  the national light industry department, it is probably the unit: width:  400 mm - 600 mm, depth: 350 mm - 450 mm height: 500 mm - 700 mm.

Most of the hotel's bedside tables are now about seven or eight centimeters above the bed. Of course, there are also low cabinets, which are about the same height as the bed. Generally  speaking, the size of the bedside table is mainly determined by the  height of the bed and the size and arrangement of the room.

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