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Installation design of hotel furniture
Mar 14, 2017

Hotel furniture structural design considering the following 6 points, hotel furniture, living room furniture target structure design of materials, you can focus on the following aspects:

Appearance quality

Firstly, furniture hotel furniture appearance quality Mesa formation, working fine, decorative and delicate, clear appearance. Room furniture typically use particle board, medium density fiberboard, blockboard, laminated sheet as a substrate, such as using wood, veneer, plywood as a cladding material. Different substrate and cladding materials its material characteristics vary, do not pay attention to the material characteristics and the correct usage, often leads to the warp. Plate rear cladding materials with the positive characteristics of the structure must be of the same or similar substrate moisture 6~10% General requirements, the selection of material as far as possible the same batch. To shorten the loading in workshop and machine time, different material characteristics, moisture content of different cladding materials, note the different thickness of the coating, compressor and pressure.

Structural strength

Room furniture to pieces of furniture, general structural plate, and use wood screws, metal connector and adhesive bonding. Should pay attention to when using materials in a variety of materials, such as particle board, medium density plate nail holding power of poor, avoid using frequent activities or requires strong nail holding power of parts, parts such as door hinges screws, rail bottom rail screws parts, easy to loose sound. Bed screen, parts of the picture frame on the wall metal pendants should pay special attention to or using wood instead of strengthening, the popular wooden 45-degree inversion structure.

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