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Carbonation Characteristics Of Hotel Furniture
Mar 14, 2017

Carbonized wood furniture throughout the hotel is disposed punishment process, only with steam and hot atmosphere of war, without adding any chemical preservative reagent, linking the natural qualities of the wood.

Clean atmosphere

Carbonized wood as its name implies, timber drying through disposal of punishment, with special carbon effects, may absorb impurities in the atmosphere, have filtered atmosphere improved breathing environment.

Superior environmental soundness

Wood in high temperature carbonization process, hydrophilic factor within the wood be restructured, low hygroscopic equilibrium of wood, commonly known as a "wet line" is not easy under the influence of the surroundings, it is used in a variety of outdoor wood products.

Strong corrosion resistance

Wood carbonization process, most departments within the wood mushrooms and all the insects were killed died in the high temperature atmosphere, while wood under high temperature, which had a large and dramatic chemical changes in nutritional status, degradation or restructuring, the fungus can survive death loss because of the loss of life-sustaining nutrients. Wood is to say after the carbonation does not produce moldy environments.

Wood color rich, changing a single species in a single color

Wood wood exterior heated symmetry equivalent in the carbonization process, wood in the presence of high temperatures, resulting in a color change in physical materials – wood and dark compared with the virtues of some tropical, tropical timber, chewed by progressive environmental groups.

Easy finishing and maintenance

Carbonized wood surface without resin oil capacity, easy finish. When there is no fluff in appearance defects. To be placed and maintained easily.

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