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Development Of Chinese Simple Table Hotel Furniture
Mar 14, 2017

Chinese hotels in brief table relative to Western-style simple dining table furniture, KFC and the popularity of McDonald's in China the local catering industry structure for a new change. With the change of life forms, a traditional Chinese meal cannot meet the fast pace of country life, has been left out. While Western Jane table due to their own reasons, not for the mass promotion. In this way, based on Chinese dining habits, combining some elements of fast food, a new form of belonging to the local Chinese restaurant was born.

Chinese simple rational accumulation phase into development from perceptual knowledge to the table. Modern Chinese-style fast food in the late 80-90 development process, general business practice, despite setbacks, overcome difficulties and forge ahead, worked hard efforts, was also reflected in the development of groping and impulsive character. Through this stage of practice, majority of enterprises to accumulated experience, saw enough summarizing and reflection, making Chinese fast food since entering the new century, development of more solid with a rational and accumulation characteristics of performance more evident:

(1) development of more objectivity and pay more attention to proceed from objective reality, reducing the development of blind and impulsive;

(2) capital investment more reasonable, business effectiveness and investment focused on return, must pay attention to the basic and expanded focus on survival;

(3) the markets become closer, and enterprise location closer to the market, meet the diversified needs of the market;

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