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Hotel Furniture-technical Requirements
Mar 14, 2017

Hotel furniture, art and technology are two of them refer to specific concepts. When in high pursuit discipline of modern art, often putting played down. Artists are keen to "art is the expression of emotions and impulses of life" doctrine, such as, the self-discipline of art almost only the pursuit of art. From Clive Bell's "art form of imidazole on purpose" in the form of say, Ernst-Ernst cassirer "language of art can be defined as a symbol", Susan-Langer's "art is a sense of quiet symbol" symbol says, all the way to modern art "Expressionism", has a tendency to belittle or nullifies the advancement of technology in the arts.

To have a clear explanation on this issue, we have technology and art's relationship to the cultural perspective. Culture is composed of technology, society and the concept of the three subsystems, process technology is a kind of culture is an art in itself. Technology as a part of the culture or cultural level, this has been no more on the hectares. Process technology as art of a performance form, its argument is quite full of: in science and technology development of subject Xia, process technology more main to performance a for mechanical, and electronic by cannot replaced of manual technology, keep with experience, and perceptual of features, toward art of direction development, and art combined, became art in the of technology, art of of technology, to is a to perceptual experience for subject of, and can expression personal wills and mind of technology.

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