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Hotel furniture---How to select a high quality tempered glass for hotel dining table
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Hotel furniture---How to select a high quality tempered glass for hotel dining table

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Hotel Furniture: With the development of the economy, our living standard has been greatly improved. Millions of families are using the Glass dining table, and is the current mainstream market for home living and hotel restaurant markets. How to select a high quality tempered glass turntable for hotel dining table become a big issue for many people. In terms of the safety of glass, today we would like to share some suggestions for the glass selection.

The  glass used as a dining table is made into different kinds of glasses  with different characteristics because of the different manufacturing  processes. The safety glass mainly have 3 types: tempered glass, wired glass, laminated glass.

Tempered glass:

Tempered  glass is a kind of safety glass and it is the mainstream product of  current glass dining table, with strong resistance to pressure, cold and  heat, and impact. Compared to ordinary glass, its strength is several times higher. At  the same time, it is very high in terms of safety performance, that is,  after fragmentation, it bursts into countless fine particles, causing  almost negligible damage to human body. The advantage of tempered glass in safety, high strength, and thermal stability is unique that other ordinary glass does not have.

Wired glass:

Commonly known  as shatterproof glass, it is used for fire prevention, shock proofing,  and anti-theft use. It is mostly used to make doors and windows. In terms of  safety, there is a certain degree of protection, but after it is  cracked, it will be surrounded by many metal wires, and it will be very  easy to get hurt.

Laminated glass:

The safety of laminated glass is best among the three, and is generally used as bulletproof glass. In contrast, it is expensive cost.

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