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Work Flow
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Step 1: Initial contact
Our client can reach us through below official modes of communication:
Sales hotline: +86 139-2915-6822 |+86 180-2270-5669|+86 180-3878-3577
Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 13929156822
Email: emt@fsemt.com

      Step 2: Determine design
  1.             For hotel owners, you are recommended to hire a designer team to finalize the designs for the entire hotel. As                manufacturer, Eastmate will be responsible to effect workshop drawings, arrange production, quality control to              ensure that our clients will receive goods up to the design standard and view, and the quality of the furniture                  will be suitable for commercial use with life span no less than 7 years and as maintenance-free as possible.

  2.             For low-budget hotels, if hotel owners don’t like to hire a designer company and prefer DIY design, Eastmate                    can provide some reference design so that our clients and choose and make a decision of designs. This process              usually takes longer, as design is a work involves a lot of expertise and details. Eastmate doesn’t guarantee the                quality of the design.

  3.          For design company, designer & decoration contractor, trading company or order-carriers seeking sub-contract              of manufacturing furniture, you are always welcome to with an RFQ for your design, FF&E package, room views,           autoCAD drawings. Whatever request for quote should be complete information with Views (Photo or  drawings),               material requests, quantity, quality standard information. Missing of the above key information might result in                 inaccurate quotation.