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Hotel furniture---How to select sofas for hotel
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Hotel furniture---How to select sofas for hotel

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When  we were purchasing sofas for hotel and hotel furniture, we did not only  consider the luxury of aesthetics, but integrated various factors, think from the customer's point of view. As a consumer, what kind of  hotel and hotel furniture are in line with their needs?

Overall style. The  choice of hotel furniture sofa should suit to the environment in which  it is located, and the decoration style of the hall should be  coordinated with other furniture. The fabrics,  patterns, and colors of sofas often dominate the style of the living  room, so the ideal measure is to first purchase the sofa and then  purchase other furniture.

By room layout. The hall is better to equip large sofas, with a coffee table, tall green plants, etc. will be more comfortable and stylish; small sofa room should use a compact sofa, so that the room does not appear crowded, the room can choose a sofa with storage space type, so that the storage space is more It's also convenient to pick and place items. If you buy a fabric sofa, you can change the sofa cover according to the changes of the season.

Comfort. Hotel  furniture is a place where people can relax. The seat of the sofa  should be mainly comfortable. The seat and the backrest should be ergonomic, and the surface suitable for the human physiological  structure should be good. If the room size is small, sofa should be consider if without armrests.

Vary from person to person. Durability  and safety should also be taken into consideration when purchasing hotel furniture, and  sharp edges and corners should be avoided. The color should be bright  and lively. For the middle-aged and the elderly,  the height of the sofa seating should be moderate. If it is too low, it  will be inconvenient to sit up and down. For younger and middle-aged  people, the backrest will feel more comfortable. For different consumer groups, the sofa size is not the same. Of course, we will speak out our own needs when purchasing. Manufacturers will also give reasonable advice.


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