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How To Properly Clean & Maintain Hotel Furniture
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How To Properly Clean & Maintain Hotel Furniture

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Hotel furniture is designed to help your establishment make a statement, but that statement will not be very favourable if your furniture is dirty or poorly maintained. To keep your chairs, lounges, stools, and other furniture always looking its best, a proper cleaning and maintenance protocol should be followed. From spot cleaning to shampooing, polishing, and more, here is a list of steps to follow to keep your furniture looking five-star ready all year round.

Fabric & Vinyl Hospitality Furniture

For spot cleaning chairs, sofas, lounges, and other furniture made of soft fabrics and sleek-looking vinyl, follow those steps:

1. Use a paper towel and lightly dab any excess moisture. This will make sure that you do not rub excess dirt or grime into the fabric or vinyl during the cleaning process.

2. With the excess gone, apply warm soap and water to a rag and gently rub the spot in a circular motion, rinsing the towel or replacing it as the spot begins to fade. Special cleaners can be used, but only if the labels say that solution is safe for fabric and vinyl.

3. If you do plan to use a spot cleaning solution, even an extremely mild one, apply it to an inconspicuous spot first. This will allow you to see if any bleeding or colour running occurs, in which case you should choose a milder cleaner for cleaning and maintaining your furniture.

4. For shampooing of commercial furniture, follow the same advice. Make sure all detergents and shampoos agree with the furniture in question. That may seem obvious, but many establishments end up ruining their furniture altogether because they fail to remember this very simple tip…

Chrome and Wood

Polishing chrome and wood should be done with their respective cleaning agents. Ideally, you should polish your chrome and wood furniture at least once per month, but you can polish them once per week if they need it.

Ensure that connecting pieces, such as plastic seats on chrome-framed stacking chairs, are cleaned adequately with their own respective cleaners along with polishing. For plastic and other hard surfaces, soap and water or a mild cleaner may be used.

Follow the Manufacturers Suggestions

Nextrend will always supply you with the paperwork that explains all of the manufacturers suggestions for taking care of the furniture properly. This will include spot cleaning, shampooing, polishing, recovering, and many other options for adequate cleaning and maintenance.

As long as you are careful with cleaning, you test using inconspicuous spots when you are unsure of a cleaning agents strength, and you are vigilant to clean spots precisely when they form, your pieces will always maintain their appearance even with heavy use.

It does not take that much effort to keep your hotel furniture looking nice, as long as your pieces are made of high-quality materials like the ones we provide, here at Eastmate. 

Eastmate will not only supply you with the best hotel and restaurant furniture money can buy, but we will also tell you exactly how to care for those pieces so that they always look fresh from the factory. If you are looking for fabric furniture, vinyl, chrome, wood, or pieces made of any other type of material, browse our wide product range and you are sure to find just what you are looking for.


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