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Resume production 2020 during special time at EASTMATE HOTEL FURNITURE CO., LTD
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Resume production 2020 during special time at EASTMATE HOTEL FURNITURE CO., LTD

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Starting from end of Chinese Lunar Year, China is under the cloud of an epidemic disease campaign came to be harder than SARS in year 2013.  Up to 2020-02-06, we see 28000 cases of Coronavirus recorded in Mainland China, and death toll went to 564.


But from the positive side, we understand that Chinese government has been much more experienced than the time being from SARS. Much more fast and resolute actions has been enforced. The whole society includes government in different levels, hospital and academic institutions, NGOs, enterprises and even private power are well organized in this campaign. Secondly, Coronavirus is a much weaker virus than SARS with 2% death rate and more and more effective medial plan emerged daily. Considering Chinas vast population and strongest government control, the chance of infection is still very small.

 Gangdong infection

As for EASTMATE hotel furniture company, we will resolutely implement all government decisions to combat the epidemic and resume production ASAP but eliminate the chance of infections among our staff.

 Eastmate Factory

Our original working plan:

2020-02-09 to 2020-02-13 Resume production with partial capacity.

2020-02-14 Resume production with full capacity.


Our updated plan:

2020-02-06 to 2020-02-20  Preparation stage, government application and approval

2020-02-20 to 2020-03-01  Resume production with partial capacity.

2020-03-01 Resume production with full capacity.


We will firstly focus on export orders and then domestic orders.  Below projects are on our production list:

1. Dolphin Hotel Dubai UAE

2. Corniche Prime HOTEL, Saudi Arabia

3. Marriot Hotel, Canada

4. Diyin Lake Hilton Hotel, China


We seriously apologize for any delays and inconvenience thus caused to our customers. Hopefully we will go through this hard time hand-in-hand soon!


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